I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

My current Harlock collection:


  • Arcadia of My Youth (OOP)
  • Galaxy Express 999
  • Adieu Galaxy Express 999
  • Maetel Legend (OOP)
  • Harlock Saga (OOP)
  • Queen Emeraldas (OOP)
  • Captain Herlock: Endless Oddyssey; Outside Legend w/ artbox (OOP)
  • The Galaxy Railways
  • Cosmo Warrior Zero (Volume 1 signed by Crispin Freeman) (OOP)


  • Taito claw prize Harlock
  • Taito claw prize Emeraldas
  • Taito claw prize 1:1 Gravity Sabre (Harlock ver.)
  • Harlock gashapon


  • 1:1600 Arcadia Model Kit (Endless Orbit SSX version)
  • 1:100 XM-X1 (Formula 97) Crossbone Gundam Harlock Custom


  • Captain Harlock #1-13
  • Captain Harlock: Fall of the Empire #1-4
  • Captain Harlock: Christmas Special
  • Captain Harlock: Deathshadow Rising #1-6
  • Captain Harlock: The Machine People #1-4

Well, you did say “Challenge Accepted”…

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